What’s My Color Type?

Not sure what your color type is?

There are several ways you can learn your color type:

  1. [FREE] Take the online color analysis quiz
  2. [FREE] Download my free e-book “What Colors Look Good On Me?
  3. [$27] Order the Color Analysis cards.
    Watch the video to see how to do a self color analysis.
  4. [$197] Sign up for a Professional Online Color Analysis. Within 3-5 business days, you’ll know your colors and you can finally stop guessing.

Analyzed as a season?

Although, it’s not a perfect fit, I’ve listed below what color type you will LIKELY be in the Your Color Style™ system based on your current season. I hope this helps.

You are BRIGHT and WARM if your season is:

  • Light Spring (aka Tinted)
  • Clear Spring (aka Pure)
  • Warm Spring (aka Shaded)
  • Warm Autumn (aka Pure)
  • Deep Autumn (aka Shaded)

You are BRIGHT and COOL if your season is:

  • Light Summer (aka Tinted)
  • Cool Summer (aka Pure)
  • Clear Winter (aka Pure)
  • Cool Winter (aka Tinted)
  • Deep Winter (aka Shaded)

You are SOFT and WARM if your season is:

  • Soft Autumn (aka Tinted or Toned)
  • Soft Spring (aka Toned)

You are SOFT and COOL if your season is:

  • Soft Summer (aka Toned or Shaded)
  • Soft Winter (aka Toned)

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