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Use your color fan to help you weed out all of the colors that age and drain you.

Your Bright & Warm color fan includes your complete color palette plus your warm neutrals. Perfect for Springs, Warm Autumn and Deep Autumn in seasonal color analysis.

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  2. Edit your closet: Take out all the colors that don't match your color fan. Make room for YOU!
  3. Shop & Save: Use your color fan to make sure the clothes are in your best colors BEFORE you buy.
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Your Bright & Warm color fan includes all of your BEST colors plus your warm neutrals. The range of colors is from lightest to darkest. Each color is labeled with a letter and number that corresponds to the color on the bright color wheel. Each hue of this color fan is 2″ x 7″ and printed on 100# silk coated paper. The color fan is bound with a white plastic fastener. Easy to fit in your purse for shopping! This color fan is for you if:

  • ~ You have  warm undertones
  • ~ You can wear clear bright colors
  • ~ Muted colors drain you or just don’t do anything for you
  • ~ You have been typed as any of the following: Clear/Bright Spring, Tinted/Light Spring, Shaded/Warm Spring, Pure/Warm Autumn, or Shaded/Deep Autumn

Not sure which color fan to order? Sign up for a professional color analysis to learn your color type. PLUS your color fan is INCLUDED with your color analysis order! Click here to sign up for a professional online color analysis today. Color Fans - Your Color Style

** How Does This Work For My Season or Color Type? **

In the Your Color Style™ system, this color fan is for Bright & Warm & Light, Medium or Deep. In the seasons, this color fan is for Clear/Bright Spring, Tinted/Light Spring, Shaded/Warm Spring, Pure/Warm Autumn, or Shaded/Deep Autumn Avoid colors marked with A’s and B’s if you are:

  • ~ Bright, Warm and Light
  • ~ Light Spring or Tinted Spring
  • ~ Clear Spring, Bright Spring or Pure Spring

Avoid colors marked with A’s if you are:

  • ~ Bright, Warm and Medium
  • ~ Warm Spring or Shaded Spring
  • ~ Pure Autumn or Warm Autumn

Avoid colors marked with F’s if you are:

  • ~ Bright, Warm and Deep
  • ~ Deep Autumn or Shaded Autumn

Not sure which color fan to order?
Click here to learn how to figure out your color type.


Q. Does the fan include neutrals? A. Yes! Your color fan will include your best neutrals.

Q. Do you ship international? A. Yes! We ship worldwide via USPS International


Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 2 x .5 in

1 review for Bright & Warm Color Fan

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Sandra Schneider (verified owner)

    This is such a great product. The compact size and fan design make it easy to carry in my bag and quickly reference when making purchasing decisions. My only complaint is the quality of the printing. I haven’t had it for long and carry it in a plastic bag in my purse, yet the colors are scratching off. I am disappointed since it is not an inexpensive item and one that should be able to withstand frequent use. I am afraid that eventually it will be of little use if the colors continue to deteriorate.

    • Jennifer Thoden

      Sandra, we’ve just printed a new run with a different coating we believe may withstand use and prevent scratching. I will get a new one shipped to you.


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